Chapter List

While this material can be read in a random order, it is more effective to read it starting with Chapter 1.

  1. Why the World Hates Salespeople (and Why they Should)
  2. Dialing for Dollars, the Newbie Salesperson’s Nemesis
  3. Becoming an Expert in Order to Qualify Successfully
  4. How Does Your Client Measure Success?
  5. Three Ways to Fail During a Sales Presentation
  6. Partnering with your Prospect
  7. Earning Trust Before You Ask the Tough Questions
  8. How do you spell ASSUME?
  9. The Problem with Problems (and too many Assumptions)
  10. Are You Afraid To Ask About Their Budget?
  11. Yes Is Good, No Is Good (But Maybe Will Kill You!)
  12. Why A “Maybe” Should Force You To Requalify Your Prospect
  13. Can You Displace Your Competitor?
  14. Is Your Customer Lying To You?
  15. A Sales Process For Sales People Who Hate Sales Processes
  16. How To Qualify A Prospect By Confirming Their Business Case
  17. How To Ask Your Prospect Questions That Help Prioritize
  18. Is Your Prospect’s Problem REALLY A Problem?
  19. Hard Data, Soft Data, Inferred Data, And Fantasy Data
  20. Helping Your Prospect Find Missing Data
  21. How To Take Data And Turn It Into Impact
  22. Turning Financial Analysis Into A Value Discussion
  23. Turning Soft Data Into Hard Data (And Ultimately Into Impact)
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