About Jack Turley and Client Centric Sales

I have been a sales professional for almost 30 years.  Some of that time has been as a reseller of products and services, some of that time has been as a manufacturer of products, and some of that time has been as a consultant to the customers who buy those products and services.  It is as a consultant to the end-user that I learned my most valuable lessons – what the customer says when the salesman leaves the room.

It was humbling (and a bit embarrassing) to learn from these end-users all of the things that I had done wrong through the years.  But those painful lessons enabled me to dramatically increase my sales while at the same time becoming a trusted and valued advisor to my clients.  Over the years I have honed a methodology of careful prospect qualification, price versus cost versus value education, ROI creation, and final presentation to the C-level.

I have taught these skills around the world in as little as two frantic days and have also engaged sales teams in weeklong workshops using a lecture/lab format.  I am presenting this coursework on this website, in abbreviated format, so that you can learn in the small doses that come to those of us stuck in airport terminals, caffeinating themselves at Starbucks, or browsing on their iPads between meetings.

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  1. Charley Townsend

     /  January 16, 2012

    Jack, your style of delivery is clear and without a lot of “fluff” that bores me to tears. I don’t want to miss a word.

  2. Jack, After reading some of your material I think you have found the place you always belonged. Your clear easy to understand material and lessons can take the Joe or Jo Bagadonuts (thanks Charley) salespeople and give them opportunity. There are no easy ways to learn and use the tools you developed over the past 30 years. Just reading the categories and Chapter titles makes me think of so many salespeople that are out there selling without the knowledge or skills that you offer. Good Luck to all of those companies smart enough to offer a class and/or a lab and to the students that open their minds to the to become Masters of the art of sales. I know you to be what I think of when I think Professional, honest, trueful, empathetic, and a WINNER.


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